Hi, Princess! I’m Alicia, and I’m so glad you found my website!

I am an Author, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur, and Online Christian Content Writer, but most of all, I’m a child of God helping my Christian sisters learn about who God says they are!  As women, we often suffer with a case of “mistaken identity,” because the enemy works overtime to make us forget who we are in Jesus.  My dear Sister, if you are a child of God, you are a Princess!!  My job is to help you learn what God says about your true identity.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but the more I learn about health, wellness, faith, and freedom, the more I love to share!

As much as I would love to tell you that I’m the All-American Soccer Mom who finds time to sell Girl Scout Cookies and bake brownies for the church fundraiser, that is far from the truth! The truth is, I do the best I can, one day at a time, just like every other woman on the planet.  My tiara may be a little crooked, but I am still a daughter of The King!

It took me a very, very long time to come to that realization, and I still struggle with it sometimes.  But, I have made it my mission to help other women not take as long as I did!  I am here to encourage, educate, and edify.  Make me your go-to for an encouraging word, biblical truth, wellness tips, and maybe even a laugh or two.  Let’s conquer our giants together!

To read more of my story (and to learn more about my own personal giant) visit my More About Me page.  To dive right into my posts, just click the Blog tab!  I look forward to getting to know you!