These are some additional resources for your reading pleasure and insight! I have included my own work of Christian Suspense, but most of these are non-fictional resources that I would highly recommend for you or for someone you love. Happy Reading!

“Please protect my baby!” Jess pleads with any higher power that will listen as she instinctively throws her arms across her growing abdomen. Bringing your husband’s baby into the world would be a blessing for anyone… anyone except Jess Clayton. For a woman who lives her life in fear, having her husband’s baby is a life sentence. Just when she is beginning to summon enough courage to leave her abusive husband, Marc, Jess receives the fateful news that will change the course of her destiny forever. Having this child would bind Jess to Marc forever, and she cannot let that happen! Besides, it’s not even a real baby yet, is it?

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This must-have was written by a local motivational speaker and fitness guru, Nisan Trotter. I downloaded the audible version, and just his candid stories alone are enough to make this book worth every penny! Sharing stories from his past as a younger child and young adult, as well as his present as a husband and father, allows this book and its author to connect with readers/listeners on a personal level. As a motivational speaker, Nisan couldn’t help but make this book encouraging. If you’ve been trying to uncover your purpose and passion, this is the book for you!

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undefined For those of you who don’t know who Rachel Hollis is, you need to know her! While she is not a professing Christian, Rachel has been sweeping our nation by storm as she motivates and encourages women of all shapes, sizes, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and more with her books, podcasts, and speaking engagements. *Be warned that Rachel does sprinkle her books with some unsavory wording here and there, but if you are one who looks past the clouds to see the rainbow, you don’t want to miss her golden nuggets of wisdom. No time to read a good book? Download it on Audible, and listen to it while you do your chores or chauffeur your kiddos!

Get your copy today, and be sure to follow it up with Girl, Stop Apologizing!

Ever feel guilty for asking God for a blessing? Newsflash: He wants you to ask Him for a blessing! It’s wonderful to pray for others, and God wants you to do that on a regular basis, but it’s OK to pray for yourself, too! And in this book, the author tells us why we should and how to do it! This is a quick read that you can keep in your purse or diaper bag, so you can always have it on the go as a reminder that it’s OK to pursue a blessed life!

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I have done my fair share of reading books and doing Bible studies on the topic of food freedom, and these next few recommendations are a few of my favorite selections. Some of them are books to read on their own, while others include reflection questions to help you absorb and apply what you are reading. Choose one you feel will suit your needs the best. You can always come back to this page to select another that will help you continue your food freedom journey!

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has been overwhelmed and bogged down by anything related to food, diets, and emotional eating. This is an anti-diet book that explains why it’s not about what we eat, it’s about why we try to find fulfillment in something that will never satisfy the way that Jesus does. This is not a book that’s full of meal plans or weight loss tips. This is a book where the author candidly shares her own story and food struggles to help her readers realize that, through a stronger relationship with Jesus, they can develop a healthier relationship with food, and live in joy and freedom.

Ready to learn why it’s OK to eat good food without regret? Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction can be found here.

When I found this book because I accidentally stumbled upon this author’s website, I knew without a doubt that the Lord put this in my path. What I’ve been referring to since the 90’s as “food freedom” has recently been coined “Intuitive Eating” by health and nutrition professionals Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. While these ladies are not Christians, the ten principles they teach about Intuitive Eating lead readers on a path to freedom, just the same.

When Christian mom, blogger, and Registered Dietician, Aubrey Golbek, paired the Intuitive Eating principles with grace and other Christian truths, she hit the jackpot for those of us who wanted to follow the Intuitive Eating movement while still keeping Christ in the center of it all. She encourages us to ditch diet culture and self-condemnation, and embrace the love of food again with a grateful heart. Aubrey teaches gentle nutrition while also reminding us that chocolate chip cookies are not the enemy! With reflection questions at the end of each chapter, this book can easily become your next (and last!) food freedom Bible study.

Don’t delay! This book is available in paperback or for your Kindle, and you get it here.

undefined The Weigh Down Workshop was quite possibly the best thing that ever entered my life besides Jesus, my husband, and my children. I discovered WDW back in the 90’s after I realized that diets were only a temporary fix, and I could not fight this battle without the Lord. It was this program where my desire and journey for food freedom all began. Like Grace, Food, and Everything in Between, this spiritual-based program teaches us about how to be set free from the bondage of food addiction and diet rules, and how to walk in liberty. It teaches us how to enjoy the foods we love in moderation, and accept them for the gifts they are. Likening bondage to food to the slavery in Egypt, she uses the book of Exodus to teach us that, if we trust in God and walk in obedience to Him, we can be free!

To learn more about Gwen’s vision to help set the captives free, or to see other resources and materials she has to offer, check out the website today!

I found this gem to be such a great addition to my library of resources when I began learning about clean eating. Complete with delicious recipes, this book “hits the spot!” For those of you who are into the scientific stuff when it comes to your body, this book is for you. Even if you’re not into the biology of it all, there are lots of golden nuggets for you to retrieve from these pages!

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For another Science-heavy read that explains why good health isn’t about your pants size, check out this book that was recommended in Aubrey’s “Grace” book that I mentioned. Written in two parts, the first half of the book contains Scientific proof that the numbers on the scale don’t dictate how healthy or unhealthy you are. Backing up her teaching with reliable sources, case study statistics, and her own PhD, this author blows diet culture teachings out of the water.

Even if you aren’t a Science buff, don’t let part one discourage you from giving this read some of your time and attention! The second half of this book addresses the “mind over matter” part of health and weight by encouraging us to love the skin we’re in, and combat negative thoughts, emotions, and comments with positive truths. Through a Government-funded academic study, Health at Every Size has been scientifically proven to boost health and self-esteem. Get your copy here.